my next lunar return

I have a theory that the moon is more important than the sun. That is why I created these lunar horoscopes. The moon is the inner you where the sun is the outter you. The moon is your soul, which is what we have to protect and guide. If our soul is not at peace, being nurtured, then the rest of it doesn't matter. A lunar return works like a solar return. It's a monthly return to the position of the moon in our birth chart which gives emphasis to a certain part of our life. Download our app to enter your birth information and automatically receive notifications about when your lunar return occurs and a brief interpretation of the monthly lunar return. This feature is only available in the app

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Do you know what Sign your Moon is in?

Astrology Moon Sign

Plug in day and time of birth and this will tell you what sign your moon is in

13 moons lunar return report

This monthly forecast report includes Lunar Return Ascendant, Lunar Return MC, Zodiac Signs on the Other House Cusps, The Planets, The Aspects .

lunar return report

Lunar Return Ascendant, Lunar Return MC, Natal Ascendant in the house, Moon in Aspect to the planets, Moon in Aspect to the angles.

lunar returns report

Temperament, Emotional Satisfaction, Turning Points , Vitality, Communication Needs, Drive and Determination, Social Needs.